If you are interested in applying for Work Exchange for the 2019 event, contact Gretchen at dance@moabjam.com ASAP. [UPDATE 3/1/19 6am MST: Work-exchange positions for the 2019 Workshop and Jam have been filled.]


WEX is for those with financial need who might not be able to otherwise afford to come to the event. This allows dancers to participate in the event(s) for a reduced fee while contributing to helping the Moab Jam run smoothly and joyfully. 

The number of WEX positions is very limited and are offered those who have contacted the organizing team PRIOR to registration opening date. Here is an explanation of our process/policy for this year:

  • Based on the expected number of hours of help needed, each WEX helper is assigned a certain rate of "discount" for the event. The discount levels are between $50-$200 off the events. (If coming to Workshop + Jam, the there is more work to to so thus the higher discount option.) The amount of helpers will also affect the amount of discount. We try to support as many people as possible so that the event is more affordable to those who wish to contribute to the helping team.

  • The "rate" is not an exact hourly rate, but likely comes out to approx $12 per hour. As it is laborious to track exact time (frequently there are small tasks that take just a few minutes - like setting up a table, hanging a sign, or just keeping an eye on things that might be needed in the lobby or dance space - it is the SPIRIT of being on the helping team that allows it to be a "team effort".)

  • Being on the WEX team is a fun way to be involved in the event and does not significantly take away from dance time at the event. It will, however, take away from some of your "down-time" between jams and classes, so please be aware of this responsibility when you are inquiring. Meal prep on Sat afternoon might take away from a class or activity that happens during the Jam. For those attending the Workshop, helping work does not interfere with any Workshop classes. Some WEX tasks involve arriving to the space early (to sweep floors and open the space), or staying till the evening 11pm closing (to close up the space.) At the WEX meeting, we will discuss who can manage these early/late tasks.

  • The majority of the WEX helping happens in Moab during the dates of the event. There are a few small tasks that need to be done before/after the event in Boulder or Moab, for Boulder or Moab locals.

  • If the amount of hours a WEX helper is asked to help seems to be exceeding what was anticipated, please speak with the WEX coordinator (we will have a meeting to discuss the tasks that need to be done.) If there is a significant discrepancy, we will pay the helper for the extra hours worked.

  • At online registration, you will pay the fee for the event(s) you are registering for, via your credit card (this is the process for all registrants), MINUS the amount indicated in your WEX helper discount code. The organizing team will send you information regarding how to enter your WEX "discount code" the week before online registration opens.

WEX participants are needed for the following tasks: (TBD at the Jam)

  • Registration & admin work

  • Sweep/mop & tidy studios

  • Keeping an eye on the space and seeing what needs to be done to make sure the dance space is clean, safe, and feels good....

  • Kitchen coordination, recycling and some cleanup (the dancers at the event clean up their own "mess", but the kitchen coordinator sometimes has to do a little gentle reminding)

  • Food prep and clean up for snacks and any group meals

  • Post-Jam cleanup (finishing at approx 3pm on Monday)

  • Sign-making

  • Help managing the group site at the campground

  • Miscellaneous other fun and mundane and adventurous jobs!

TO INQUIRE ABOUT BEING A PART OF THE WEX HELPING TEAM: contact Gretchen at dance@moabjam.com 

When inquiring about WEX help, indicate if you are planning to come for both the Workshop plus the Jam, or just one of the events. Priority for the WEX positions will be offered to those who wish to attend both events.

Also please indicate whether you will have a car, and whether you have any special skills (love to cook or do kitchen work, is masterful with the dance floor sweeping, likes to massage tired organizing team or workshop teachers, fantastic handwriting for making signs, enjoys keeping group kitchen ship-shape, musician very accustomed to playing music for a jam, etc.) Please let us know if you are able to stay for the end-of-the Jam clean up (Monday 5/27 from 1-3:30pm there is a big ol' kitchen clean-up and we need as many helpers as possible for this task.)

WEX meeting times will be emailed to the team, and posted at the event. At that meeting, the WEX coordinator will go over details regarding tasks.

It's fun to be of service toward making the Moab Workshop and Jam a great event for all!