Driving Directions

If you're driving to Moab, Google Maps is your best friend! Just follow the steps below for driving directions from your address to the MARC where we'll be dancing.

  1. Click Google Maps (opens a new window with the MARC as the destination)

  2. Put your address in the A (from) field on the left.

  3. Click Get Directions


Moab Drive Times

  • Denver/Boulder, CO - 6 to 7 hours

  • Grand Junction, CO - 2 hours

  • Los Angeles, CA - 11 to 13 hours

  • Portland, OR - 16 to 17 hours

  • Prescott, AZ - 7 to 8 hours

  • Salt Lake City, UT - 4.5 hours

  • San Francisco, CA - 16 to 17 hours

  • Santa Fe, NM - 7 to 8 hours


The least expensive flights are to either Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) or Denver International Airport (DIA).

To get from an airport to Moab either coordinate a ride by checking the workshop/jam roster (viewable only when registered and logged in), rent a car (about $150 to $250 for 5 to 10 days), or see other options below. See the Moab Drive Times above, too.

Salt Lake City International Airport

NOTE: As of January 2011, there is no longer a daily shuttle service from the Salt Lake City airport to Moab, Utah.

Denver International Airport (DEN)

DIA to Boulder, CO: If you have a ride share with someone who lives in Boulder, CO, you can catch a public bus or shuttle services from DEN to Boulder, CO. It's about an hour drive from Denver International Airport to Boulder.

DEN to Boulder CO by Bus: 303-299-6000 ($9 - exact cash. See Schedule AB: Boulder/DIAfor exact route and stops. Departs DEN once every hour.)

DIA to Boulder, CO by Super Shuttle: 800-525-3177 (about $31 to downtown Boulder area and they'll drop you off at a residence. Advance booking suggested.)

Grand Junction, CO

If you fly to Grand Junction, CO we suggest you rent a car. See Moab Drive Times above.

Direct to Moab

Delta Airlines offers flights directly into the Moab, Utah Airport (CNY airport code) to/from the Salt Lake City Airport.  There are no direct flights from Denver to Moab.  Note that it's about 18 miles from the Moab airport into town, so you'll need to coordinate a ride with one of the WEX team helpers (contact dance@moabjam.com to help set this up) or call RoadRunner Shuttle (operates out of Moab) at 435-259-9402. RoadRunner has a $50 minimum, or $25 per person for airport pickups and drop offs.


Train & Bus

There is no public train or bus service directly to Moab, Utah. The closest you can get to is Green River, Utah, which is an hour drive away from Moab. Also, note that the drop-off times in Green River are likely to be limited to once a day and might be at an odd hour, too. While we have had a few people arrive by train or bus over the years, most fly to Salt Lake City or Denver International Airport. If you need a WEX person to drive up from Moab to pick you up, please be prepared to contribute $50 to the driver. Finally, note that it is not practical to expect someone driving from Salt Lake City or Denver to pick you up at the airport on their way to Moab unless you coordinate your timing with them well in advance.