Workshop and Jam: Our group will have access to the kitchen at the MARC (sink, stove top range, oven, microwave, counter space and tables). There are NOT enough plates/bowls/cups for everyone; please bring your own if possible. They have a modest assortment of pots/pans -- if you are driving and it's practical for you to bring a pot/skillet from home, that would be helpful. Also, sharp cutting knives and cutting boards are scarce in the MARC kitchen, if you can bring those things [labeled], that would be terrific. You can keep your food in the refrigerators, prepare your food in the kitchen, and store you food (and cook gear) in bins or boxes at the MARC. We highly recommend joining with other dancers for meal preparation. Besides making use of the group kitchen more efficient, it is fun.

What we provide for those using the kitchen at the MARC: In order to support those using the kitchen at the MARC, we provide some basic condiments and cooking staples. Here is a list of what we will have on hand for participants:

•Olive oil, tamari, braggs, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast, hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, salt/pepper, spices, etc.

We also have several rice cookers and the workexchange helpers have brown rice prepared at most mealtimes.

Nearby the MARC: The Moonflower is a fully-stocked organic grocery store one block away from the MARC (towards Main Street). There are dozens of sandwich shops, restaurants and bigger grocery stores in walking distance (5 to 15 minutes).

Workshop: You will be responsible for your own meals. We will be organizing several potlucks. (We may provide a group meal one one of the nights-TBD.)

Jam: The workexchange helpers will provide a group dinner (burrito bar) on Saturday evening of the Jam. (Vegetarian, wheat-free, and dairy-free options.) There will be healthy snack food provided in the foyer at most times. You are responsible for all other meals. Coordinating meals with other dancers is a fun part of the event.

Campout: Everyone is responsible for their own food and cooking gear.  At the campout, participants often pool food and fix meals in large or small groups.