We aim to have the Moab Jam be a family-friendly event, where adults and their families can enjoy dancing and creative community.. In order to facilitate this, we have developed guidelines for parents bringing their children to the Jam. If your children are at an age to read and understand these guidelines, please share them with your children.

Please let your children know that the Moab Jam is a place where we practice being kind and respectful towards humans, the MARC, and nature.

We do not provide childcare at the Moab Jam. Families often coordinate with each other to watch children and take others’ kids on adventures. Please let us know when you register if you are bringing children, so that we can connect you before the event  with other families with children of similar ages.


If there are many children coming to the Jam we will have a space in the lobby set up for everyone to contribute art supplies and games. We ask that the parents enlist the help of their children in keeping this area tidy. We have sidewalk chalk for art outside the MARC. Please let school-age children know that this art needs to be respectful and contribute to the good spirit of the event. We rent the MARC with the agreement that we will care for it mindfully—please let your children know that it’s not ok to play in the restrooms, disturb the gardens, or go into any MARC areas which are off-limits. 

Children are welcome in the dance space if they are dancing, drawing, playing a quiet game, or watching the dance. They are not welcome to run through the dance space when people are dancing, as this is dangerous and disruptive. They will receive one warning, and then be asked to remain out of the studio for the remainder of the day.  As our overarching intention in the studios is to create a space where adults can “drop into” a focused dance state of mind, children need to be instructed that adults (unlike kids) sometimes need a silent or quiet space for them to focus on their “play.” Children will need to be outside the MARC during the duration of the scheduled Underscore (perhaps a parent can take all the children to the park or the pool during that time.)


We ask that children do not use either of the two dance studios to play in. Our priority is to have two studios available for adult jamming. If a dance space is temporarily free, we have found that children playing in there doesn’t allow for adults to use the space for stretching, solo-ing, a quiet dance, or for the space develop into a “second jam space.”  If children are dancing with each other, or with an adult, that is great (but playing chase in the studio does not lend itself to focused dancing.) There are downstairs areas that are almost always free for playing on physioballs, making forts, vigorous play, etc. The lobby and the downstairs kitchen are good places for hanging out as well. We don't allow balls to be kicked in the MARC (broken windows have happened.) We will ask parents to pay for any damages caused by their children.

In the MARC, we request that this be a media-free zone for kids. As some parents choose to limit screen-time for their children, it causes conflicts if some kids are engaged in their games/screens.  We organizers feel that there is so MUCH for kids to do during the Moab Jam—playing with other kids or adults, creating art....so the time in the MARC can be enjoyed without video games/movies. (Please check with Gretchen if you have questions about this suggestion—it is certainly negotiable.)

In nature and at the campground, we ask that parents teach their children to be respectful of the environment (e.g., staying on trails, not disrupting cryptobiobtic soil, avoiding poison ivy, not drawing on sandstone). While louder voices and running-around-energy can be exercised outdoors, there may be times that the group needs a quiet environment, and we ask that parents help their children understand the group energy when outdoors with the larger Moab Jam group. 

Kid-friendly activities abound in Moab! Bikes, skates and scooters are great for the neighborhood around the MARC, and there are lots of bike paths. Moab Arts Festival is over Memorial Day weekend (music, theater shows, food booths, horse rides, arts/crafts). There is a fabulous Aquatic Center (slides, pool with lazy river, wading area, fountains), great Public Library, Visitor Center (learn about the natural environment), Moab Museum…and ENDLESS natural areas for exploring, biking, swimming, etc……..