2019 Moab Campout: begins after the Jam May 27, 2019 (Monday) 

After the Moab Jam and Workshop, stick around for more camping, dancing and exploring in the Canyonlands area of Southwestern Utah. This is a self-organized event. Typically, we will car-camp as a group in the same area, allowing us to easily pool our food, shelter and transportation. It's an opportunity to explore, play and dance in the desert with a group of CI dancers!

Each year those who join together pick a place to go car-camp. From there we take day trips to hike, dance and explore the beautiful places nearby, such as water-carved narrow red rock canyons, natural arches, cool waterfalls, and high flat rock plateaus with views for miles in all directions. Of course, dancing contact improvisation just seems to happen wherever the group ends up.

Here's a list of some of the fun things we've done in the past:

  • hiked and explored Arches National Park

  • swam and cliff-jumped into the pool of a waterfall

  • danced under the full moon

  • hiked to amazing arches in Canyonlands National Park

  • swam in the Colorado River

  • covered ourselves with Colorado River mud and danced

  • cooked awesome pot-luck meals as a group

  • had a beach party by a small creek

  • told stories and snuggled around a campfire until quite late

  • danced in the sand under giant cottonwood trees

  • danced outdoors for the film In Search of Grace by Mark Manard

Everyone joining the campout should be prepared to feed and shelter themselves in the desert. If you are new to the desert or short on camping gear, don't let that deter you - just let others know what you need because someone has probably come with extra of whatever you need.

When and How Long?

The Campout starts right after the Jam ends on Monday, May 28th and continues until you want to leave. Most people stay 1-6 nights. Everyone is free to come and go as they please. 

It's an amazing and unique experience to hang out and explore the outdoors with a group of Contact Improv dancers. 

Where to Meet and Where to Go?

Those interested in the Campout will meet at the Moab Arts and Reccreation Center on the last day of the Jam to decide about where the adventure will be. There are many, many possibilities. However, the Indian Creek area is a favorite and offers some of the most beautiful car-camping in Utah, with  beautiful places to explore just walking away from your tent, or a short car-ride down one of the roads (most roads are fine with two-wheel-drive).

What About Food and Water?

We will be entirely on our own for food, water and cooking. If the adventure is close to the city of Moab, some meals could be had in town. If we head out to the wilderness (such as the Indian Creek area), we'll need to be self sufficient. It is important that everyone bring large containers for water (both to carry in the car, and others to toss in your day-pack) since most places we go there is no drinking water. If you plan on camping and have never been in the desert, see the Logistics pages for suggested supplies and important considerations.

How Much does the Campout Cost?

Free! If we  visit the national parks there are entrance fees of between $2 and $15 per person, depending upon how many are in a vehicle.