Note (2016-04-13): THE JAM AND WORKSHOP ARE NOW BOTH FULL!  We are no longer taking any more registrations at this time.  The Wait List for both Workshop and Jam are now also full.

2016 Workshop Costs
$275 - Regular/Professional
$260 - Student/Unemployed
$240 - Special Rate: for Full-Time Dance Students (dance major in a college or university program)
$100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a confirmed space in the Workshop.
There no Work-Exchange (WEX) positions available for the Workshop. 
Registration Details
We use the online system, "RegOnline," for payment/registration. Be sure to read the information below carefully. Tip: Be sure you have signed up for our newsletter (mailing list) by clicking here, so that you will receive a registration reminder.
Register online for the Workshop by submitting a full payment with your credit card through our secure online registration system, which will open Saturday March 7th, at 11am MST. The Workshop often fills quickly after registration opens. Registration will remain open till the Workshop is full.
Please note -- registration is only available with full payment with your credit card at the time of registration. See below for cancellation/refund timeline.
After we receive your online registration, we will send you an e-mail within 48 hours.  This e-mail will let you know whether you have a confirmed space in the Workshop.  For those who receive confirmed spaces, please note that your card will be charged at that time and $100 of the payment will become a non-refundable deposit.
Cancellation / Refund Policy
Please note that if you have received a confirmed space in the Workshop, $100 of your registration payment becomes a non-refundable deposit. Moab Workshop registration is non-transferable (to be fair to those on the Wait List).
On or before April 26: Your payment minus $100 deposit will be refunded.
After April 26: Your payment minus $145 ($100 deposit, $45 cancellation fee) will be refunded
After May 12: subject to loss of full registration fee.
All cancellations will be considered final; your registration cannot be reinstated.  However, you may re-register with a new registration.
Workshop Wait List Policy
We have space for 28 dancers in the Workshop.  After the first 28 spaces are full, we will take 5 more registrations for dancers who will be on the Workshop Wait List.
If you are placed on the Workshop Wait List, your credit card will not be charged.  If you would like to give up your space on the Workshop Wait List, please let us know and we will remove your name at any time. 
If you do not want to attend the Workshop UNLESS you get a confirmed spot in the Jam, please let us know ahead of time. In that case, if you get accepted for the Workshop but not the Jam, we will discuss how you'd like to handle your Workshop registration.
If a space opens up in the Workshop, here is what we will do:
  1. We contact the first person on the Wait List. 
  2. You will have 72 hours to respond to us regarding whether or not you can commit to coming to the Workshop.
  3. If you say yes, you will receive a Workshop registration confirmation and your credit card will be charged the full amount of the Workshop. Note cancellation/refund timeline above.
  4. If you don't want the space in the Workshop, we will remove your name from our Wait List.
  5. If you fail to respond after 72 hours we will contact the next person on the Wait List.
We will be in touch with all Workshop Wait List dancers regarding status updates in terms of space in the Workshop. You can contact us at any time, as well.