This website reflects 2016 Moab Jam events. We are unable to host the Workshop/Jam in 2017 due to renovation plans at the MARC. There WILL be an EXTRA SPECIAL 2018 Moab Workshop and Jam! We plan to have dates and Information about the 2018 event on this website by May 2017.

Moab Jam: May 26 (Th.) - May 30 (Mon.), 2016
The Moab Jam features rich dancing, creative friends, beautiful surroundings, and opportunities to explore both on and off the dance floor. Being under the wide-open desert sky surrounded by colorful landscape fills one with the spirit to move and create. We invite you to come join us and experience the magic of dancing in the desert.
We create a friendly and supportive environment where you can enjoy the Jam that you want - whether it's dancing non-stop, spending time with friends, or taking time to nourish yourself with the solitude of nature.
The 2016 Moab Jam will include material from the Contact Improvisation workshop with Daniel Bear Davis, which precedes the Jam. We will bring in material to ignite the wisdom of our bodies…with the reciprocal quality of listening to and being witnessed by nature...and letting our innate wildness speak through our dance. By attuning our senses to both the natural environment of Moab, and to each other, we aim to cultivate deep sensitivity, rich choice-making, and a territory steeped the magic of improvisational presence.
This year's Jam will highlight the practice of the UNDERSCORE. 
Jam hosts lend their inspiring presence to the Jam, and part of their role is to circulate and "juice-up" the dancing spaces. They lead warm-ups, facilitate mixers, guide classes and labs, provide feedback/coaching, and offer one-to-one sessions. There are a generous number of Jam Hosts, so that everyone gets time to dance with these world-class dance artists.
Here's a sample of the  Jam Schedule.