Hello Friends of the Moab Jam.
We are sad to announce that this year there will not be a May 2017 Moab Workshop and Jam. Last summer we were informed of a renovation schedule at the MARC, and thus were unable to commit to having our event there this May.
So…we are focusing our energy on planning an EXTRA SPECIAL Moab Workshop and Jam for May 2018. We plan to have information about the 2018 event on the website by May of 2017. We look forward to dancing with old and new friends then! Dates are  May 19-28, 2018.
For those of you who have joined the Moab Jam community for years past, we hope that you find other marvelous dance and nature opportunities this summer, and return eager to share your experiences and enthusiasm at the 2018 Moab Jam. 
-- Gretchen Spiro, Steve Homsher, Alicia Grayson, Avery Ryder Turner
Moab Jam organizers
Qi-gong with Karen Nelson, 2012
Evening Jam Scene, 2012
Gretchen & Mark Performance, 2011
Mill Creek Swimming Hole, 2012
Ken's Lake Campfire, 2012
Gretchen, Steve, & Quill, 2012
Chris & Nicole Jam, 2011
Outdoor Score at Slickrock, 2011
Arches hike, 2010
Alicia, Angie, & Steve Performance, 2011

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